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>>> ((Sun runs)) <<<

>>> ((Sun runs)) <<<
There are twinkling says that the sky is clear, because humans do not live there

I would like to take you, "Muasher atheists and humanists" in a trip to the Arabian Peninsula brilliant sky

What we want to know is how the Arabs see the sun?

Was not see another way that we see now?
How do we read the verses of the Quran that the sun .. take place ... !

{ And the sun runs to have a stable two verses . Homes and we estimated the moon until he returned Kaerjohn old . No sun should be aware of the moon and the night previous day, and all floating in an orbit } .
Verse 38 to verse 40 of Surah Yasin ...

The situation was not worth any scientific theories :):

Who wants to tell this news ?

How do you see the Prophet (PBUH) was the author of the Quran ?

Try to go up on a mountain of sand to look at the beauty of the sun as it slowly disappear at sunset .

Do you see any flow to the sun?

He tried to climb on board an aircraft in flight entertainment

I look out of the window

Do you see the sun take place?!

Try again

Well not convinced ..

Try to look at it the Hubble Space Telescope ..

Not convinced yet .. maybe it's tough on us these advanced capabilities ..

But NASA scientists are convinced that the sun conducted

In spite of all this we do not feel Bjerian sun! ! ! ! ! !

Says Dr. Saleh Civana
President of the Astronomical Society of Oman :
That the flow of the sun inside the galaxy to its destination known for does not affect direct and significant impact on astronomical phenomena and to simplify the explanation of the principle of succession of astronomical events curriculum relies sun as a reference and therefore the impact of runoff Vthml because you look at the solar system from the front of the sun
An example of this is what we do on a daily basis when we talk about our move by car or by plane , for example, take the surface of the earth as a reference Venhml rotation of the Earth and the flow of the earth in space, and only every second you're in a new location for the Monitor from space , even if you're asleep

{And the sun runs to have a stable two verses.}.

Tell of Muhammad peace be upon him so dear atheist?!!

I do not think that Muhammad peace be upon him climbed aboard the spacecraft over the thousands of years of our galaxy optical flow depicts the sun as it rose Adeeetm the high mountains to measure the amount of air pressure? :):

I do not think that the Arabs are doing exploratory trips Kano desert their own ships?!

It is not believed to be taken from the Lake of the monk or Newton or Kepler or Aristotle??

But what does it say that the sun take place?! And those who say ...?!
Arabs ignorance!
Or is it the argument of denial and Kafr?
The conclusion of the peace
(We shall show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it is clear to them that the right Ulm enough that your Lord for everything martyr) [separated: 53].

Foreign ties : Miracles in the hadith of the Prophet , who says that the joints of the human Detailed 360 ( magnificence )

Foreign ties : Miracles in the hadith of the Prophet , who says that the joints of the human Detailed 360 ( magnificence )
Quoting Brother abcdef_475

He said the presence of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him :
He created every human being from the sons of Adam and three hundred sixty detailed . It is larger God , and Hamad God , cheered God , and praised God , and ask forgiveness of God , and the isolation of a stone by the people , or a fork or bone by people, enjoining what is good , or forbade the denier , the number of those sixty- three hundred phalanx . It has walked that day budge from the fire itself . [1]
The sources said the scientific :
With some 360 ​​joints in the human body, there are a lot of opportunities for pain. This can range from minor soreness, to pain and stiffness that can seriously affect your quality of life.

There are 360 ​​joints in the human body.
Joint pain often occurs in joints of high impact, such as the knees, hips and back, but many women notice the joint pain in their hands.

There are 360 ​​joints in the human body, and joint pain is defined as pain, stiffness, or swelling in or around a joint. There are several types of joints in the human body.

There are a total of 360 joints in the human body. Each contains cartilage and fluid for protection. As these parts break down over time pain,

As humans, our comfort, mobility and quality of life greatly
depend on maintaining healthy joints. And we're not just talking about hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. Did you know the human body has 360 joints? When any one of these joints functions less than optimally, we might experience nagging discomfort or, in extreme cases, debilitating pain. Clearly, having a better understanding and taking better care of our joints can contribute to our overall fitness and health.

How many joints in the human body?
Skull joints: 86
Throat joints: 6
Thorax joints: 66
Spine and Pelvis joints: 76
Upper limbs: 32 x 2 = 64
Lower limbs: 31 x 2 = 62
There are 360 ​​joints within the human body
[/ COLOR], so it's no surprise that Orthopedic Bracing is our largest equipment department. We maintain a huge stock of Ready to Wear braces, supports, and orthotics at all times for the neck, back, shoulders, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow.
Joint pain, also known as "Arthralgia," is defined as pain, stiffness, or swelling in or around a joint. There are 360 ​​joints in the human body.
The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him
[1] Muslim 11 : k : Zakat 16: b : a statement that the name of the charity is located on each type of known 3/528 explain Cadi Ayyad h 1007.
And in Saheeh Ibn Khuzaymah b : Salami said the number of joints by a charity which is sufficient Rkaata morn of charity that those joints are all 2/229 . H 1226
And Women in the Great 199 : b : best male and best supplication 6/209 . H 10673
My wa David b : removing something harmful from the roads 2/783 , H- 5242 .
And Ahmad in al-Musnad 5/359 , H- 23087 and attributed strong ,
And convey to you about Dr. Magdy Fawzy :
Imam Muslim narrated from Abdullah ibn Farrukh , he heard Aisha said : The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him , said : It is the creation of every human being from the sons of Adam and three hundred sixty detailed . It is larger God , and Hamad God , cheered God , and praised God , and ask forgiveness of God , and the isolation of a stone by the people , or a fork or bone by people, enjoining what is good , or forbade the denier , the number of those sixty- three hundred phalanx , he walked that day was budge himself from the fire .
To talk scientifically documented :
The site specializes in orthopedic surgery believe the words of the Prophet peace be upon him named Minneapolis orthopaedics
Science does not happen on the stability of this figure is only very recently that you can even find some still believed that the number is less than that, so you'll find sites of missionary refer you to the old information in an attempt to divert the researcher for the right to reach for the correct number.
The Messenger of Allah and peace be upon him

Jebel Musa, peace be upon him ( the Holy Valley foldable ) Where? ? ?

Jebel Musa, peace be upon him ( the Holy Valley foldable ) Where? ? ?
The newspaper " Jerusalem Post " that the world is Israel The Israeli Italian assets Emmanuel inati sure that his discovery in the form of a new book during an archaeological conference in the Italian city Evchenza . He claimed that the mountain upon which God spoke to Moses, peace be upon him and sent him the Ten Commandments is a mountain " Karkoum " located in the Negev desert of Israel , not Mount Sinai is located in the south of the Sinai where the Monastery of St. Catherine .
The question that is looking for an answer ....
Where is this blessed spot in Egypt ? ? ? ?
Allah said :
When Otaha advocated Beach wad right at the spot of the blessed tree that O Moses , I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds (30) stories
Allah said :
When Otaha advocated O Moses (11) I am your Lord Fajla sandals You Ballowad Holy pleat (12) Taha
The question that is looking for an answer ..
Where the blessed land sacred and unique only ( Sacred Valley ) ? ? ? ?
It was said by the predecessor to the San ...
In the shadows of the Koran :
The Great Journey :
{ When Otaha advocated : O Moses , I am the Lord . Fajla your sandals . You Ballowad Holy pleat . Achtertk I heard what inspired . I am Allah, there is no god but I , patience and prayer in remembrance . The time Okhveha coming almost rewarded for all the same as seeking. There Asdnk by those who do not believe in and follow the whim substandard } . .
The heart of the dry , although the entity to trembling . He imagined just imagine that scene ! ! !
Moses .... unique in that the wild . Night and darkness , and the darkness comprehensive , silent camp .
It is going to seek the fire that Anasseha by phase . Then if all being around him react this appeal : { I am the Lord your sandals Fajla . You Ballowad Holy Achtertk I rolled up . . } .
The corn that small, vulnerable Ltd. ( Moses ) , who is facing Jalal Invisible . Might that pales in which the earth and the heavens . Receives . It receives the appeal of the upper human entity . . How ? How it not for the kindness of God ?
It is a moment in which the whole of humanity rise and grow actress in Moses According to tolerate human entity receiving the flood of the moment . According to the human to be ready for such contact in a manner of parts . . How ? We do not know how! Akl human is not here to realize and govern , but endeavor to stand Mbhuhta witness and believe !
{ When Otaha advocated O Moses , I am the Lord . . } Advocated in this building for the unknown ? What can not identify the source of the call direction. Does not set his image nor how it is done . Nor how Moses heard or received . . Advocated somehow be thrown in some way. It is of the order of God , who believe thereof , nor ask about how it is done , because how it is done behind the perceptions of humans and human perceptions .
O Moses, I am the Lord your sandals Fajla You Ballowad Holy pleat } . . You're in the upper Hadra . Vtgerd your feet . In the valley , which is reflected by the holy countenance , not Ttoh Benalak .
{ I } Akhtrtk . . VIA honor ! What a honor to be God himself is the one who chooses . Chooses a slave of slaves is an individual of the masses of the crowds . . Live on the planet of the planets is an atom in the group . Group is an atom in the universe, the great God said to him : Be . . Was !
But Rahman care for this man!
After announcing the honor and selection, and the willingness and preparedness to take off his shoes , and come to receive the alert :
{ Heard what inspired } . .
Razi 5:00 c 425
The saying : { Otaha when he advocated the right of the beach Valley in the blessed spot of the tree that Aamosy I am Allah, the Lord of the Worlds }
Be aware that the beach Valley part and appeal came at the right hand of Moses from the beach Valley by the tree and saying: { from the tree } instead of saying: { from the beach Valley } instead of inclusion because the tree was sprung on the beach such as saying : { to make us who disbelieves Barahman to their homes } [ decoration : 33 ] , but described the spot being blessed because he got the message from God and Tclem him Alusi c 15 p 121

Ibn Kathir 6:00 c 234
Allah says : { And when Otaha advocated Beach wad right } ie the part of the valley , which follows the mountain on his right hand from the West, as he says (6) : { what you're next to the west as it spent to Moses } , which instructs it to that Moses intended to fire using the hand , and the western mountain on his right , and he found the fire raging in a green tree in quilts , which follows the valley of the mountain , stood in her pale , he called out his Lord : { wad of beach right at the spot of the blessed tree } .
..... But ...
I have known people from the grassroots to the Sacred Valley is a region of St. Catherine , as is frequent and has a mountain of Moses ! ! !
• Historians have disagreed and book the history of religions in determining the course of road trip out to the Promised Land . The trip , which began in the second phase of Mount Moses, who ascended to the prophet Moses to speak to the Lord , who told him to go his people to the Promised Land .
It also differed scholars in determining the site of the Holy Mountain , which began of his own journey, and described some of the references that mountain , " the age of Bashar " Valley released which got him on the tenth day , as mentioned in the Book of Exodus and Mount age Bashar crossed the valleys of the desert of Sinai Central to get to Eilat entered them into the land of Canaan .
Describes ..... while others mount " Saint Catherine " that is the holy mountain and they moved it to the east to go down to the Gulf of Aqaba and walked along the western shore , where the land ends with Cena at the beach resort city of Eilat .
A third team announces discovery of Mount Moses Holy Land on the Arabian Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba ( Mount or Mount pilgrimage almonds ) and from the people of Moses walked along the eastern shore of the Gulf of Aqaba across the desert of the Arabian Peninsula , until they came to the city of Eilat . It is the name of the site that is mentioned in the Torah and the unanimous three different views on it in the beginning of the third flight access road to the Promised Land through the years of wandering .
It is well known ... no one knew where the Sacred Valley ( Mount Moses ), while the beginning of the third century AD , where ...
The only reason to call it a mountain of " Mount Sinai " in the area of ​​St. Catherine is one of the seers predicted that in the third century ! ! ! !
Prior to ...
That date there was no place for the valley known as the Holy Koran calls or Mount Moses in the Torah with multiple names in the Torah or the Jews , but I have with the beginning of the last century rolled research ! ! ! !
Let's start with words ..... One Israeli archaeologists Professor Ze'ev Herzog ..
Is ..
Lecturer in the Department of Antiquities and the civilization of the ancient Near East at the University of Tel Aviv , and had participated in excavations Ansour and Megiddo with Yigal Yadin and in the digs of Tel Arad and Tel Be'er Sheva with Yohanan Aharoni , also conducted excavations at Tel Michal and Tel Grissa and finally began digging in Tel Jaffa , Herzog deployment books on the gate of the city in the land of "Israel" and its neighbors , and on the excavation of Tel Sheva and Tel Michal fossils , and the total book about the archeology of the city ..
Says ....
The Altanach which summarize in the following article with the word " Torah " was the Jewish custom a source of history , and it is every justification for the claim to the right of the Jewish historical Palestine . This came neighborhoods of this source in a time when the majority of researchers in this field you see in this book ( the Bible ) just legends can not be invoked , not in the writing of the ancient history of Palestine , nor to grant the right of the Jews in Palestine .
He said the Jewish public , overwhelming its majority , data of this book ( the Bible ) historical facts is dubious , to the extent they are considered researchers criticism Yin just anti -Semitic .
Then we find it says in another place ..
Son and of the Jewish people , and as a disciple of the school of biblical , I realized the depth of frustration stemming from the gap between expectations and prove the Bible as a source of historical facts discovered on the ground .
The experienced this experiment " on the intimate " I inspect , criticized and I correct first and foremost Tfseerata and Astkhalasata previous , along with criticism and interpretation of the work of my peers are remade .
I would like to introduce before you short the short history of archeology in the land of "Israel" , and the emphasis on the stages of the crisis and the revolution in the last decade . In the end, I will try to clarify why do not penetrate Alambdah facts in the minds of the public at large .
And proceeds to say about what we want ....
Has not been discovered in excavations of any certificate can confirm this historical sequence . Albright has been claimed in the early sixties he can be compared to the period of travel to the Covenant of Abraham Bronze ( any of the twentieth century - the twenty-second BC) . But Benjamin Mizar , the father of the branch " Israeli" side of biblical archeology is suggested that the diagnosis of the historical background of the era parents , a thousand years thereafter , any century atheist century BC , ie during the " period of settlement ." But others refused to historical stories and legends just saw it for the parents told the kingdom of Judea . Overall consensus has been questioned .
... Then proceeds to say about .
Exodus from Egypt , and travel in the desert and Mount Sinai :
The many Egyptian documents known to us do not remember at all stay brown "Israel" in Egypt , accident or out of Egypt . Remember, these documents actually habit typical of nomadic pastoralists ( designated Chasso ) to enter Egyptian territory in times of drought , hunger and the settlements on the margins of the Nile Delta .
But this is not a unique event , such events of a lot located throughout thousands of years was not an exceptional phenomenon .
The generations of researchers tried to discover the location of Mount Sinai and the stations of the tribes of "Israel" in the desert . Despite diligent research
Not even the discovery of a single site can be commensurate with the biblical image ....
The strength of tradition are currently paying too researchers to " discover " Mount Sinai in the northern Hijaz or, as I mentioned earlier, in Mount Karkoum in the Negev , and these events central in the history of the "Israeli" does not have any confirmation of any certificate outside the Torah , or in archaeological discoveries . Most historians agree that in today astray cases, the sojourn in Egypt and out of the act of a few families have been ..
Process to expand its own story and " nationalized " for the purposes of religious ideology .

. On the other side , we find Dr. Abdul Rahim basil Dahab area manager for the effects of a Muslim and Egyptian archaeologists ..
Says ..
........ That many names were fired at the holy mountain of Sinai who have received God's prophet Moses Sharia boards including Mount Moses , and Horeb , and phase , and the law ..
He pointed out that there were many opinions in locate to the extent that some people think it is outside the Sinai which is far from reality and religious texts and route of flight out of Sinai .
The views which he said Sinai Vanhsrt mostly in the two mountains are:
Mount Musewjbl Asrial Valley Ferran ..
Here we note the extent of the contradiction in his words he speaks about his views did not provide a conclusion ! ! ! !
Complemented says , , ,
This has been a sacred mountain trip out before the children of Israel , and they make pilgrimages to it .. and the name " Asrial " is taken from the " swarm Baal " means " palm idol Baal ," a reference to the palm Valley Ferrand is located in the surface of the mountain ..
What God Did you read carefully what he says .. this sacred mountain trip out before the children of Israel! ! !
Basil adds :
Through research in the Exodus story based on the historical interpretation of sacred texts and comparing historical events and archaeological evidence remaining you achieve stations this trip , including the area of the mountain , which is the fourth leg , which include Mount Sharia and tree class Almekdshalta Naji then God's prophet Moses Rabbo , a region only in Sinai containing several high mountains such as Jebel Musa , Mount Catherine .. and when he asked the children of Israel from God's prophet Moses food last after the living God, the best food , a honeydew and tastes like honey and quail which is similar to a bird quail instructed by God to go down to Egypt , due to the rise in this region was extremely cold therefore, God's prophet Moses went to seek warming himself by the fire to his family in his first trip in Sinai as stated in the Qur'an , "I Lancet fire to the ones I come to you the news of the fire or flame that ye may Tstalon ."
.. And I see that this is the last I will discuss the significance of the verse ! ! !
Basil explains that this region has the brambles and trees , which is not found in any other place in Sinai , which does not flourish does not give fruit as the failed attempts Anbath which asserts that it is the tree that Naji then God's prophet Moses Lord is holy tree bush .
He did not say .. Dr us where he came from the name of the tree ? ? ?
Says Basil , according to the journal " Cairo ," The trip out went through several stations first is the eyes of Moses , and the second Srabit server and the third Mount Sinai and then leave the prophet of God Moses of his people for forty days to receive the panels Sharia passing valleys Sinai from the phase current to the area of ​​the holy mountain .
What God .. the most beautiful interpretation ! ! ! ! Doctoral read the messages and pondered ! ! !
It is a natural way that you know it Moussa during his first trip alone to divine wisdom so it goes with his people in his second trip to receive sharia boards at the holy mountain .
Explains basil that slabs of Sharia are ten panels by God's prophet Moses when he revealed to him Almighty Torah and include two first scientific which meant in the verse, " and wrote to him in the panels of everything sermon ," The second practical it is meant in the verse, " and detailed for everything " ..
And his words are fully located on the World Wide Web for anyone who wants more information ! ! !
Consensus is growing
Professor Humphrey
Book «miracles out »
Professor Colin Humphrey of the University of Cambridge archaeologist British ....
The effects of sensation in the foot search in which he claimed that the mountain where Moses received him , peace be upon him « heavenly teachings » to the children of Israel ..
Located in the north of the Arabian Peninsula and not in the Sinai , as it is known . Said ...
The scientific evidence is largely consistent with the reported details of the story of Moses in Beni Israel out of Egypt , as I mentioned in the Book of Exodus in the Torah . The focus of Professor Humphrey in his book on that Moses received the Ten Commandments on Mount is located in the north of the Arabian Peninsula , and not in the Sinai , as mentioned in Surat « fig » in the Koran « , figs , olives and developed the years and this country, the Secretary » . Turning Humphrey in his explanations to the scientific evidence and the abnormal events in the biblical narratives , based on the geological and archaeological evidence . He says that the Torah was revealed to Moses on Mount volcanic , had come out of it a column of fire by night , and a column of smoke by day , which is consistent with the biblical narrative , pointing out that the geological history of the area does not indicate that Sinai was by volcanic mountains in the old time . The British scientist to the possibility that the mountain actually Badr northwest of the Arabian Peninsula , which is received by the message of Moses .
He has commented
Archaeological researcher Ahmed Osman in a telephone interview with the «Middle East » It's not the first time that scientists ruled out the European descent panels Torah on Mount Tur, because of the geographical and geological nature of the Sinai Peninsula . Osman said the author of the book « History of the Jews » that « Scientists have identified the names of the mountains in the Arabian Peninsula , which was revealed by the religious teachings of the children of Israel , visits Mount almonds , and again as Mount Halalas , and finally Mount Badr » . ! ! ! !
In the constantly increasing , we find ....
Dr. Syed Karim destroys three theories to come out , says a new place ..
- The party holding the first who tried to prove that the Holy Mountain , which began a trip out of his own They described the "Mountain of almonds ," which is located on the eastern bank of the Gulf of Aqaba in the land of the Arabian Peninsula in particular. I have the part right that view which lacks historical evidence , realism and logic starting from their exodus from Egypt and follow-up phases of flight out of the middle of the Delta to the Sacred Valley and Mount Moses ( Mount human ), which they reached on the tenth day as stated in the Bible and the Book of Exodus and historical documents Pharaonic which recorded stages of the whole trip and linked spaces Jump until they reached the ninth day to " Elim " after leaving " Gara " and still those places currently exist , which is all of them from the earth a distance of approximately twenty kilometers , the distance natural traveled by caravans of pedestrians every day Valium X which is the most important day of this trip arrived Moses and his people, as stated in the book of Exodus - to " Ravedim " After a day's journey from Elim is located at the entrance to the Sacred Valley , including the View mountain was fought , who ascended to him to speak to God, Lord and called Jews on the Mount was fought in geographical maps ancient land of Sinai, the name of " the age of Bashar " any Mount human This confirms that Moses Mountain is a mountain ...
Valley issued ( age Bashar ) . Ras Sidr currently ...
The Mount Moses in the Mount Sinai and called a lot of scientists and historians ....
It is a city that Elim arrived to in the ninth day of at least 240 km and rises from the seashore , including at least three thousand meters , which is contrary to what is stated in the Torah itself
The Book of Exodus that Moses and his people reached the Sacred Valley and Mountain was fought after a day's journey from the eyes of Moses
The mountain ... which Saada Moses to receive paintings Rising Mount San Ktren is 7600 feet high .... Mountain was fought no more than 2,400 , a height that allows access to its peak by natural means ...
Thus, Mount Moses in the Saint Catherine in the eligibility claim his supporters to carry the name of the sacred mountain of Moses Moses went up to the summit to meet his Lord and carry the Ten Commandments that incision panes of the stones . Turn thinking scientists and historians in the history of dogmas and what they called geological religions (link religions ground effects ) toward Find another mountain Jews Kaaba take them replace the Mount Moses, who failed to prove their eligibility in the ownership or possession of his land .
But not in the land is the land of Egypt , and the effects of moving their feet on a trip out to another country away from the oppression of Pharaoh and his soldiers, who chased them on a journey to escape and get out of the land of Egypt .
Recent attempt was already explained by involving more of an expert and the Institute of Global institutes . And found that their wish has been made their discovery " Mount almonds " the Arabian peninsula , which is subject to the specifications required to bear the title of the holy mountain Vikhzh Jews Kaaba replace them Moses and Mount Sinai .
The consensus at all impressed with what was announced by Kamal Salibi less all the heavenly books and Madon on the pages of history and frequency for the former and the subsequent but what about his theory ....
Kamal Salibi secrets of the Torah and the secrets of the people of Israel Saqi fifth edition 2002 /
Introduction Arabic edition ( and speech follows the cruciform in his introduction )
Blow up everything that came the Koran and the Bible , the Torah and below the predecessor of historians , scholars and intellectuals ! !
I have to make from the land of Arabia scene of events for each of the children of Israel and stay out of the events and everything in between with the Pharaoh and the ten verses ! ! ! !
Do you believe the only pregnancy book: Secrets of the secrets of the Torah and the people of Israel ..

Finally, the question remains who is looking for an answer ! ! !
Where site Sacred Valley ( Mount Moses ) ? ? ?

Today Nngiu Bbdnk to be behind those verses (Certified)

Today Nngiu Bbdnk to be behind those verses (Certified)
Today Nngiu Bbdnk to be behind those verses (Certified)

Peace , mercy and blessings of God
Pray to God and peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions more peaceful , blessed the day of judgment ,
He says
Today Nngiu Bbdnk to be a Sign for those behind you , although a lot of people are oblivious to Eayatna
Almighty God

Yunus verse : 92
Tabari verse gems :
{ 92 } Today Nngiu Bbdnk to be behind those verses , although a lot of people are heedless of Our Signs

Say in the interpretation of the verse: { Today Nngiu Bbdnk to be behind those verses } Almighty says to Pharaoh : Today Nhof on Earth Bbdnk Ngoh , look at you from Halka lied Bahlakk . { To be } behind those verses say : those people after you consider your lesson , Vinzgron for disobedience to God and disbelief by the pursuit of corruption in the land . And Alnjuh : high position on what turned him from the ground, and from the words of U.S. Ben Stone : It is like someone Bakute Benjute and unborn child as one who walks Baqruah and about which we said the people of interpretation. He stated that : 13823 - Describe Mohammed bin Abdul higher , he said: Tna pilgrim Bin Sulaiman, from his father , from Abu Scion, Qais Ibn Abbad and others said, the children of Israel said to Moses : Pharaoh that he did not die . He said: God Vokrjh them see him like Red Bull . 13824 - Jacob ibn Ibrahim told me , he said: Tna son Garret , Saeed Jariri , from Abu Scion, Qais Ibn Abbad , he said, was one of the most people , or later people from the children of Israel . He said: Vhaddtna that the first soldiers of Pharaoh what ended up to the sea Hapt horse flame , he said , and, like a horse , including horse and Tweet this , and found the fragrance - I guess I said : Vansl Vatbath - he said: When complementation last soldiers of Pharaoh in the sea and came out last children of Israel ordered the sea Vantbak them , said the children of Israel : What Pharaoh died , and he never die ! God heard Nabih discredit them . He said: Fermi him on the coast like a bull red Atraah the children of Israel . 13825

Photos of the mummy of Pharaoh Ramses II ( Pharaoh of Moses ) ,

The first surprise :
Noticed the color red hair mummy ! ! !
A French sites interested Pallaijeptulogi also describes the pharaoh Ramses II redhead!!!
ROUX offset Arabic redhead ...
Site due Hair Color
Red Pharaoh to be used for Henna!!!
henné = Henna
And second surprise:
The results of the medical examination conducted on the mummy of Ramses II in France between 1976 and 1977 (the mummy remained in France about 8 months) showed the presence of sand out of the desert sand and other marine origin glued to the body of the pharaoh Ramses II.

sable = Sand
nautical marine =
Now the question:
What's the reason for the presence of sand out of the sea close fitting body pharaoh Ramses II??? Today Nngiu Bbdnk to be behind those verses documented
Leave the answer to the skeptics in the Quran ....

({And after that He spread the earth (30) out from its water and pasture}) documentation Scientific wonderful

({And after that He spread the earth (30) out from its water and pasture}) documentation Scientific wonderful

He says
(And after that He spread the earth (30) out from its water and pasture (31))) [Pluckers,
As is clear that the verse talks about the genesis of the earth ..
We start with
Scientific part of the documentary series {Assets: How did the

The film is a provider of scientific and agnostic world famous astrophysicist Neil Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson, who put it when asked, "What are the books that should be read by every intelligent person on the planet?"
Said ((Bible: to learn it's easier for you to dictate what you are thinking and what you think by others instead of thinking for yourself.)) Words sound even though it resulted in a great tragedy among Western scholars and intellectuals, clerics and emperors
The film speaks for the whole series or the emergence of the Earth from a purely material and this is the first part of the series

34:34 minutes, talking about the genesis of the water on the ground which is the last part of the film ..
Liquid water is the key to life - each object needs to stay alive - 70% of the Earth's surface submerged .. almost three-quarters of the surface;, in fact, contain all the Earth's oceans for 100 million trillion gallons of water, it is almost unimaginable amount!
Lake ( Carrera Generale \ General Carrera) in ( Patagonia \ Patagonia) in Chile .
Where did all this? - How It's over land .. and by the massive amounts of this article ?
Well despite the strangeness it may have been this vast oceans present actually from the beginning , but hidden from sight - one of the keys of this puzzle is the volcanoes, which was blown during the emergence of the land amounts powerful than steam into the atmosphere - then when cooled the earth intensify this steam in the form of rain - point after point accumulated water in these lowland - do not be surprised the land in this matter until today .. the most important gases emitted from the volcanoes of Hawaii is in the form of water vapor

Satellite image of the island of Hawaii
But some scientists interpreted by that process Setsegriq long to consist of all these vast oceans across the volcanic jets .. Alternatively probably got some help on the ground, scientists believed that the ocean water may be sources of giant icy comets brought water to Earth

Halley's Comet
Divided opinions of scientists in identifying the source of the water that presence on the surface of the earth, at the time, who is believed some astrophysicists that the source of water is a meteor that had come from the parties to the solar system's remote and carrying huge amounts of ice, others went the other of them to say that the source of water is a comet consisting mainly of 80% of the ice and the sloping of the Kuiper Belt

I believe the Oort cloud , which hit the Earth millions of years ago . Differed astrophysicists in the nature and source of celestial objects that carried water frozen to the ground , but they agree that these objects (whether shahba or comets ) has plunged in the layer the Earth's crust due to the phenomenon of impact phenomenal with the surface of the ground editor thus amounts of ice that were incurred , Once liberated by heat turned up very high into steam , then play the atmosphere play an important role in maintaining the steam and prevent leakage into outer space .
But found no evidence to prove this theory, the scientists say it is impossible today because those collisions old and the original surface of the Earth may ruin a long time but the guide is the moon's surface every spot on the back tells the story of the collision suffused with comets and meteors .. and heat collision comet land was enough evaporating snow found the comet to produce a storm pulling across vast areas of the planet - these clouds produced the midst of rain and possibly hot acidic precipitation that continued for millions of years and eventually covered the water most of the hemisphere
But there is a problem with this theory -
Earth's oceans contain a mixture of plain water H2o - and very small amounts of a peculiar kind of water known as heavy water , which by the neutron plus known HDO - in comets analyzed so far the ratio between the two types of water does not correspond with the increase in water ocean .. comets by twice the amount of heavy water HDO , which we see in the ocean , even if that comets are filled Earth's oceans, they are incapable of this phenomenon - in short not by descent exact - but few actually still hard to imagine scientists to be comets have a role absent in the presence of a proportion of the water on Earth and some scientists think that maybe there are these comets but outside our solar system - but the most likely and logical to look for water close to the bumper while our house is caught in volcanoes and collisions ..

Remained a little less from the effects of the emergence of the beginning of the earth .. but this is the little that remained revealed to us about the planet more complicated than thought
Gannets attacking swarm of sardines
New discoveries in this area have paid scientists to say that there is no one explanation for the existence of water on the Earth's surface , which means that meteors and comets already had a role in the presence of water Ssalh
But the astrophysicists calculates the percentage of material deuterium to the substance of hydrogen present in the comet Haljohma using satellite Giotto , then they calculated the proportion of material deuterium to the substance of hydrogen present in the ocean , was estimated proportion is 0.00003 on Halley's Comet vs. .0000015 in the oceans , Fastntjoa that the water which was the source of comets ( or meteors ) constitute only 10% of the total ground water ,

Georgia water basin , the largest Aquarium and the Museum of aqueous in the world
Astrophysicists have concluded based on these findings that the source of the water may be Mzdug role of comets or meteors was part considering it 10 % of the water the rest of the Earth's water as mentioned film scientific source is the phenomenon of evaporation of water , which was fully booked within the pockets of the geosphere , which was formed during the emergence of Earth with the phenomenon of accumulation of atoms cosmic dust , which was covered with molecules minutes of water , energy is generated and surging out of the ground caused the creation of volcanic activities enormous pushed in turn, the amount of water reserved in the pockets of the earth's crust to come in the form of steam , to keep it locked in the atmosphere , and this is what he said geologists at the source of Earth's water . Vicu astrophysicists this discovery may have agreed with geological scientists in second source of water in favor of the theory that the duplication source water.
Having different scientific theses in an external water source Aho (via comets or meteors ) or internal (via the pockets of the earth's crust ) , it seemed Seen together depending on exporters ,
After the atmosphere filled with water , which came out of the ground and found the scientists began to rain Tovannih violent stretched for millions of years and has become a scientific fact agreed upon by scientists , especially geologists
To be settled on the surface of the ground water in its liquid as we see it today.
Valboukhar who hiked from the pockets of the earth's crust because of the massive volcanic activity or output of the melting ice is separated from comets, has bolted to the top of the atmosphere, then the accumulation after the low temperature of the earth gradually, was formed so thick clouds and very thick covered all the globe,
Once the available temperature appropriate and necessary for the occurrence of the phenomenon of the rain even started torrential rains heavy and violent descent , where the flooded surface of the earth and had a duration of millions of years , and this period of time long was necessary and sufficient to submerge and fill drilling abysmal that exist in the oceans, which reaches a depth of some of the more than 10,000 meters ,
And finally
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? Origin of Water on Our Planet-Where Did it Come From
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Three -quarters of the Earth is covered with water and this is called the planet Blue - when creating the planet since 4 billion a year and a half there was no place for the water at all - but the ingredients needed to create the water was present to stay long in the depths of the earth and when volcanic eruptions first was among the gases rising ( steam water) , and when the earth was cool turning water vapor into the clouds - and has been raining for thousands of years , and so the first oceans were formed
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He says : ) { (26) Oontm most created or sky built (27) raise the thick Fssoaha (28) and Ogueth her ​​that night and pulled out overnight (29) and Alerillad that He spread (30) out from its water and pasture (31) ( Pluckers ,
Ibn Kathir says : Dhy then the earth and she brought what was goodbye from the water Vneptt plants of different kinds and qualities ) Tafsir Ibn Kathir 1/102 .
It was not the creation of a time down the Koran nor for many centuries after him familiar with the fact that all the ground water , air and all the earth may narrated by Lord ( glorified and exalted ) from inside the earth , a fact that was not understood by human only in the latter decades of the twentieth century Glory to the home of the Qur'an fourteen centuries ago and described him by saying Quran: ( ( Say , who knows the secret revealed in the heavens and the earth, he was Oft ) ) ( Criterion : 6)
May Allah bless him and bless our Prophet Secretary who receive this divine revelation , bringing the message, and led the Secretariat , advised the nation and labored in the cause of God even came to him with certainty, and described by Lord ( Almighty ) saying Quran: but God is revealed to you revealed knowledge and the angels bear witness, and enough is Allah (women: 166 ) .
A / D - Sabry Demerdash - Professor of Natural Sciences explains creativity and miracles in the verse ( ( ( remove from its water and pasture )))

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